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iTòch, acoustic amplifier

iTòch is a natural acoustic amplifier for all types of smartphones, it amplifies the sound of about 30% without the use of batteries and circuits.

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Realizzatori di idee is an incredible source of ideas and creativity.

Driven by the desire to realize their dreams and their projects, Davide and Daniele Barbieri founded an original and unordinary company. A real lab open to creatives, designers and artists, for those who want to tell and create. Their mission aims at giving life to new objects, projecting and creating them or simply by providing them a new soul. “Realizzatori di idee” is a new dimension of the ‘Made in Italy’, made of pure creative pleasure, that abstracts itself from everyday things aimed at giving right answers to today’s needs. Their favourite material is..”wood”, a natural living material which exists in different forms and uses.

Every their single piece is unique, 100% natural. Go to the website
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